Eric Clapton
Behind the Sun
Warner Bros. 9 25166
made in West Germany for US market, and some European markets
color scheme: silver paint background with red target and black lettering
genre: rock
LP originally released in 1985

No variations that I know of.

front cover of the booklet

Rear tray insert, Printed in West Germany, with UPC
This disc can also be found in this US-printed rear tray insert:

Rear tray insert, PRINTED IN U.S.A., with barcode
This tray card was in use for many years, so along with the above disc,
you might also find the Japanese-pressed target or a plain US-pressed disc.

Rear tray insert, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, with UPC
This disc can sometimes be found with this tray inlay in parts of Europe.

Notes: This disc is harder to find than the Japanese-pressed version.
Not impossible, but it does present a challenge.