The Doors
Morrison Hotel
Elektra EKS 75007-2 Europe: 042-080 (on inserts)
Elektra EKS 75007-2 (on disc)
LP originally released in 1970
made in West Germany for US and international markets
color scheme: reddish orange background with silver paint target and black lettering
genre: rock

MADE IN WEST GERMANY BY POLYGRAM, orange color is matte.
There is also a variation (not pictured) with MADE IN W. GERMANY BY PDO
inscribed in the hub area. This variation has a more candy apple orange
for the background color, almost iridescent.

Front cover of the booklet

Rear tray insert, "Printed in West Germany," with no UPC.
Although there are slight color variations, all the back inlays for this disc
that I have seen are definitely green in color. The back inlay for the silver paint
letters variation (see separate listing) is more of a gray-green.

Notes: This disc is relatively common, but it is in demand. The version without black
letters appears to be harder to find.